Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Harnessing The Power Of Social Media!

I'm just kidding with that title. I don't know what it would mean to do much of anything with social media beyond consuming it. I want to learn more about it though. Several friends have some rather lucrative jobs involving social media, which somehow ties into marketing. I read a bunch of excellent blogs, and I think I could write one myself with some practice, so, this is the practice! I do have something to say, but I'm not yet sure what it is. My journals are sloppy and disorganized, and please don't ask me about the grammar. Writing here will force me to be a little more careful, and to think about what I would be comfortable writing for a broad audience.

Here's what I've been tinkering with so far:

Subject matter: What kind of blog to write? I have food allergies and I don't eat animals, which seems to instantly earn people a deal to write a cookbook. If I write memoirs I will be disowned, and I'm not quite ready for that. I could write a few blog posts about management, but I certainly can't sustain a blog of that type. Career? Not me. Maybe a personal finance blog. I do clip coupons, but not enough of them to get me onto TLC. I'm paying off debt but I'm not a success story. You've got the idea. NEXT!

Formatting/fonts/etc.: TYPING IN ALL CAPS IS RUDE! I BET YOUR DUMBASS DIDN'T KNOW THAT! I was going to switch to Comic Sans here, but much to your relief, Blogger won't allow it. I'm currently typing in "Default Font," although I'm not quite sure which one. I drafted my first two posts in Word (a whole set of problems in itself when I copied it over), and once they got here Times New Roman just didn't look "right." These are design issues that a number of my friends could explain in detail. You know, the people with the grown up jobs.

Formatting will also require me to reacquaint myself with HTML. I have been eying the HTML button suspiciously for the past few days. Tomorrow I'm going to embed something! 

Entertainment: It's 2014. Educating people is fine, but you also need to make them laugh. I keep my social circle small, and I know what makes them laugh. But if I want strangers to stop by here everyday I'll need some extra kick.

That's Tuesday's post. Tomorrow I'll be sure to:
1. Tell a joke.
2. Embed a picture or video.
3. Embed a link.
4. Read up on advice for bloggers.

Thanks for reading!



Kathleen Chaballa said...

Maybe a blog about a guy having an existential crisis? *ducks and runs*

Lacking said...

No need to duck and run--I could blog about that for days!