Monday, January 27, 2014


40-something Twitter followers! Not because of this blog of course. Still, if I can increase by 300% week I'll have quite the following in a year.

Main excitement today:
I know my blog! I got an idea today. I wrote a bit this afternoon, and I'll be working on it this week. I'll post the link once I get everything going. Right now I need to grab the Twitter name before someone else does.

If anyone landed here for food-stuffs, I'm sorry I'm not more helpful.

Gluten free observations:
  • Wheat belly is indeed disappearing. 
  • Digestive system appears to be normalizing. I'd say what I mean, but I don't feel like talking about my restroom habits. At least not online. 
  • I could previously chug coffee all day long. Now a cup of coffee hits me instantly, makes me anxious, all that mess. My I'm-not-qualified-to-give-medical-opinions opinion is that my blood sugar spikes from food are much milder, so the spike from the coffee--combined with the cortisol release--is more noticeable. It will be next to go. 
  • One thing at a time. I made a list of stuff to give up this week. I have stuck to half of it, and I'm ok with that, as long as I don't cave on the big one. 
Happy Monday!


Saturday, January 25, 2014

I'm still here!

It's been a crazy week here at La Casa Lacking. I'm sure you got over the heartbreak of no updates for two days.

I just drafted a blog post. Disorganized, mundane, not interesting to anyone except me and a couple of friends. No embedded links where they would be helpful. My usual issues.

I am embarking on some major changes, and I will be starting a blog specific to them.  Details coming...


Wednesday, January 22, 2014


Q: What is made out of wood and looks like a stick? A: A stick!!

Look, I'm practicing striking!

I embedded a link to HTML for dummies like me!

Food front: Dairy mostly doesn't bother me. Wheat doesn't seem to be a problem at all. And, lastly, I'm really freakin' allergic to soy. I'm going to miss fried tofu.

If you're poor and unemployed like me, it's a good idea to cook your own food at home. This is my favorite budget cooking blog. Budget Bytes is also helpful if you don't want to blow all of your money on groceries to make one meal.

Blogger just warned me about a tag I missed. I might be able to learn this yet. Have a great evening!


Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Harnessing The Power Of Social Media!

I'm just kidding with that title. I don't know what it would mean to do much of anything with social media beyond consuming it. I want to learn more about it though. Several friends have some rather lucrative jobs involving social media, which somehow ties into marketing. I read a bunch of excellent blogs, and I think I could write one myself with some practice, so, this is the practice! I do have something to say, but I'm not yet sure what it is. My journals are sloppy and disorganized, and please don't ask me about the grammar. Writing here will force me to be a little more careful, and to think about what I would be comfortable writing for a broad audience.

Here's what I've been tinkering with so far:

Subject matter: What kind of blog to write? I have food allergies and I don't eat animals, which seems to instantly earn people a deal to write a cookbook. If I write memoirs I will be disowned, and I'm not quite ready for that. I could write a few blog posts about management, but I certainly can't sustain a blog of that type. Career? Not me. Maybe a personal finance blog. I do clip coupons, but not enough of them to get me onto TLC. I'm paying off debt but I'm not a success story. You've got the idea. NEXT!

Formatting/fonts/etc.: TYPING IN ALL CAPS IS RUDE! I BET YOUR DUMBASS DIDN'T KNOW THAT! I was going to switch to Comic Sans here, but much to your relief, Blogger won't allow it. I'm currently typing in "Default Font," although I'm not quite sure which one. I drafted my first two posts in Word (a whole set of problems in itself when I copied it over), and once they got here Times New Roman just didn't look "right." These are design issues that a number of my friends could explain in detail. You know, the people with the grown up jobs.

Formatting will also require me to reacquaint myself with HTML. I have been eying the HTML button suspiciously for the past few days. Tomorrow I'm going to embed something! 

Entertainment: It's 2014. Educating people is fine, but you also need to make them laugh. I keep my social circle small, and I know what makes them laugh. But if I want strangers to stop by here everyday I'll need some extra kick.

That's Tuesday's post. Tomorrow I'll be sure to:
1. Tell a joke.
2. Embed a picture or video.
3. Embed a link.
4. Read up on advice for bloggers.

Thanks for reading!


Monday, January 20, 2014


I don’t want this to become a “food blog,” but I do want to write about what I am working on at a given time. And I have nothing against food blogs; I just read a bunch of awesome food blogs and I don’t have the time or the fancy dishes to compete. You won’t catch me grinding walnuts to make a pretty crumb topping, or spending money on all-white dishes because the food photographs better on porcelain. I am not a nutritionist or a success story in any sense. I enjoy junk food and I never feel guilty about eating something for lack of nutrition.

I am attempting to give up sugar. The idea itself is not accurate, of course, because the only way to truly give up sugar is to not eat. But I need to reduce my consumption, because I’m addicted to it. White, processed, granulated, comes in a heavy paper bag, sugary goodness. It looks like snow and cocaine and baby powder. It tastes like heaven. I have no idea what high fructose corn syrup looks like, but I imagine it to be extra glorious, so beautiful that I don’t dare look directly at it.

I won’t give you the WebMd version of why I’m addicted to sugar (and will, by default, be diagnosed with some weird form of cancer, because WebMd). Instead, my personal controversies:

I’m clearly lactose intolerant (I won’t tell you why, just trust me), but I still feel a compulsion to consume dairy products. My intolerance is getting worse with age, and if I don’t act soon I’m afraid I’ll have a roommate instead of a spouse.
I am a coffee fiend, but I don’t suffer typical effects of coffee, namely anxiety that prevents sleep. Caffeine isn’t my addiction. I figured this one out after I had a job that did cause this level of anxiety. If no coffee is available, I crave other sugary drinks. I also don’t like coffee without it being sweetened, not even a little.
Thanks to unemployment, I have a lot of free time. If I “watch what I eat,” I will usually have a fairly productive day, including a trip to the gym or the bike trail for some exercise, and a couple of dog walks. If I’m not tracking my food and activity, however, the dogs don’t get walked, I don’t get walked, and I end up inhaling the house. Like now, for example. I actually wrote this last night. I am touching it up as an excuse to not shower, not clean up, not plan for my day. I am on my fourth cup of coffee, I’ve eaten a bowl of oatmeal, and I’ve visited the kitchen twice to eat peanut butter out of the jar.
The overeating is usually done to the point of being uncomfortable. I’ve also been known to make coffee late at night and guzzle it on top of already having indigestion. Dining companions frequently ask, “Are you ok??” when they see the looks of despair on my face. “I’m fine. I just decided to eat a pizza when I wasn’t hungry. Are we getting dessert?”

So, my plan to break this addiction:
Natural sugars: add whole fruit to my diet throughout the day. Fruit contains phytochemicals, water, and fiber in addition to some pleasant blood sugar spikes.
Sleep off any initial crashes. I’m unemployed and have been avoiding napping in an effort to not feel like a worthless screw up. Build a bridge and get over it. Who cares if I’m 33? Nap time!
Distract myself with productivity. I have been using this strategy lately to combat anxiety about the job situation, and it works well most days. Cleaning, playing with the dogs, and some writing snippets have been immensely helpful.
Lastly, give up coffee habit. I’ve done this before and I mostly cope just fine. I do not experience “caffeine headaches” that others describe. Other than some cravings it’s easy. Giving up coffee also has a host of other benefits. I need to tattoo them on my arm. I’m going to do this last, however. Dairy is a far bigger problem for me, and I’ll reap the most benefit from going that way.

I am also starting something else today, which I will post about on Tuesday. Or not. I might write something unrelated to food for Tuesday, just so people will come back.

Thanks for stopping by! Have a fabulous day.


Sunday, January 19, 2014

First post!

Blogging is against my nature, but I’m willing to give it a try. Several blogs I follow haphazardly have been a huge source of education to me, and I want to return the favor—more on that later. I’m also getting tired of being told, “You should become a writer!” I’m shy and introverted around strangers, but extremely witty once I’m comfortable around someone. I keep this “self” limited to a few friends and family members normally. The idea of being myself around anyone I meet is uncomfortable, and writing anything personal down in a public domain is a bit terrifying. BUT I’m here because people are asking me to be. Hopefully they won't regret it. 

What you may read here in the future:

Stories about my old dogs. I have two adopted Wheaten Terriers that were owned by a well-to-do retired lady in Minnesota. She passed away, and I ended up with her dogs, hereby referred to as Muffin and Fifi.

Stories about my young dog.  In late 2011, a family friend posted a picture on Facebook of a little creature that looks like a miniature dingo. My mother, an unapologetic cat lady, ended up adopting this pathetic monster for some reason. He was terrorizing her cats and ruining life at home, so I agreed to adopt him. I figured a spastic little demon would put Muffin and Fifi in their places, and I was right. We’ll just call him Dingo.

People that annoy me on Twitter. Twitter is my new obsession. Be prepared.

Vegetarianism/veganism. A long-term interest. I have been a vegetarian since 2006 (no I don’t miss meat, yes I get enough protein). I enjoy both abolitionist politics and plant-based nutrition, so there will be more on that as I do my own explorations. Some will be quick to point out my hypocritical nature (eating eggs, adoring cheese, wearing leather shoes). Guilty. I’m working on it. Lay off.

Employment. I’m currently unemployed, after I ignored my gut and pursued a job that was not a good fit in any way. More on this one later, because I have a lot to say about it. My stories about the hospital should be enough to make me famous.

Management. I’m a career supervisor, in that most of my expertise has to do with getting results from people. I have insight on being a good boss, as well as being a good employee. P.S. Most bosses are both bosses and employees.Unless you're the CEO you need to focus on both.

Saving money. I was drowning in debt for quite awhile. I have a long way to go, but things are improving and I have plenty to share for those wanting to quit bankrolling credit card company executives.

Creative writing/essays. That’s self-explanatory, right?

Oprah-ish Self-Help Best-Life things.  I matured more in 2013 than I have in any other year. I am currently seeking ways to channel what I’ve learned into a full time job, or at least writing fodder.

Atlanta. I moved here two years ago, because my partner thought I’d be miserable in our other options: Seattle or Hawaii (????). Expect observations on local culture, snarky posts about snow flurries, and reviews of local places and events. Disclaimer: I do not live in the Atlanta city limits. One thing to know about Atlanta is that living in the suburbs makes you a second class citizen of sorts.

So that’s that. I have three posts drafted already. My aim is to post daily, and to drive traffic via Twitter. Thanks for stopping by. Please comment!!!