Monday, January 27, 2014


40-something Twitter followers! Not because of this blog of course. Still, if I can increase by 300% week I'll have quite the following in a year.

Main excitement today:
I know my blog! I got an idea today. I wrote a bit this afternoon, and I'll be working on it this week. I'll post the link once I get everything going. Right now I need to grab the Twitter name before someone else does.

If anyone landed here for food-stuffs, I'm sorry I'm not more helpful.

Gluten free observations:
  • Wheat belly is indeed disappearing. 
  • Digestive system appears to be normalizing. I'd say what I mean, but I don't feel like talking about my restroom habits. At least not online. 
  • I could previously chug coffee all day long. Now a cup of coffee hits me instantly, makes me anxious, all that mess. My I'm-not-qualified-to-give-medical-opinions opinion is that my blood sugar spikes from food are much milder, so the spike from the coffee--combined with the cortisol release--is more noticeable. It will be next to go. 
  • One thing at a time. I made a list of stuff to give up this week. I have stuck to half of it, and I'm ok with that, as long as I don't cave on the big one. 
Happy Monday!


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